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Decoding The History Of Poker 'A Thinking Man's Game' And Why Play It?

WilliemaeGivens100 2019.12.02 16:05 조회 수 : 1375

The history of poker is like the Pacific Ocean- it lovely, dark and deep. The deeper you dive into it, the more intriguing it gets. We are here to offer our insights on how this intriguing card game took a flight to become the most popular mind sport. We would also encourage you to play this game today whose sky-high popularity is turning it into the next 'BIG' sensation in all parts of the world now.

We believe this game is for the passionate souls who wish to venture into the gaming arena by making judicious use of their mental skills and be one of the poker bigshots. And what if we say that this game is not just fascinating but also has an intriguing history behind it? Sounds interesting, isn't it? To up your excitement, we shall talk on how this brilliant mind game originated and transformed the lives of many over the years.

Let's dive in!

The Poker Voyage That Has Sailed Far and Wide!

According to our research, this game traveled across several continents and cultures because of its tremendous Mathematical and Psychological edges. The following instances, as per our research, mark the mark the origin of this game and can be considered equivalent to touch upon the history of agen poker online indonesia terpercaya.

The first instance of card games takes into account a Swiss Monk 'John of Rheinfelden' who recorded a game of cards in 1377 AD. There seems some convincing evidence to state that a card game was indeed played that year.

The current version of the game is believed to be a natural extension of a French game called Poque that dates back to 17th century. This game progressed through the Atlantic Region and spread to the Mississippi River somewhere in the 18th century. In the 19th century, it flourished in the United States where it saw a historical westward expansion. That is why its origin is closely associated with America's famous "Wild Wild West" era.

The history of poker holds records of Chinese possibly being the first to play a card game although the game played was more akin to dominos in perhaps 11th century. This is why we haven't exactly counted on it as in the opening.

A little town 'Robstown' is recognized as the place where Cadillac of poker was born as per the Texas state legislature. However, the exact details of its origin in Robstown are hard to come by.
The above studies bring a hazy picture of poker's origin into account but they also do present a glimpse of the beginning of this game's popularity. No matter where this game belongs to, it has made fans in every era and every region of the world. Part of poker evolution has to do with its tremendous skill-based side as well.

Poker Evolution: A 'SUPERSTAR' in Making

Poker has risen way above than merely being a card game into more of a mind sport over the last century. The well-regulated mammoth scale competitions at live and international platforms and some scientific probing into its associated techniques and strategies makes it stand out from other card games.

Play Poker: Live and Online (and Get the Best Of Both Worlds)!

Poker evolution lets you make the most of this game through its two versions: live and online. You can enjoy its live version with your friends and family within the comfort of your home and you just need a few game-specific accessories to get started. If you wish to realize your passion online, you can play it on a web-based gaming software or on an app on your smartphone. You can simply jetpack yourself to start your poker journey in next to no time.

If we talk about its booming trend, it was earlier a game enjoyed at festive occasions like Diwali. There were poker-themed parties hosted during this festival and everyone played this game in small to medium-size groups. It quickly became the spotlight of Diwali parties and was loved for the entertainment it offers and with every passing year, its prominence has upped the bar. This makes for an interesting case of live poker evolution over the past few years in India.

Slow and steady wins the Race!

When the world was on a high stride, this game didn't hold back either. It rather made a stunning entry into the online gaming arena so that its lovers can stay connected to it round-the-clock. Since then it has only advanced into future growth slowly and steadily. In a very small span of time, it has reached out to the people who possibly hadn't ever imagined themselves playing it in the first place!

However, here is a caveat: Poker is a skill-based endeavor and that's why you should only play it on a safe, secure and trusted online platform that respects your skill and passion for the game and only gives unbiased results every single time. We are discussing more this salient feature below.

PokerBaazi: The trustworthy online poker platform to get YOU started

Founded in 2014, PokerBaazi aka PB is one of India's leading online gaming platforms that predominantly feature this card game as a skill-based endeavor. It features an award-winning gaming software, an internationally-certified RNG and a top trending system of Loyalty Rewards Program.

This website is home to a top-class gaming experience and you can see the same from the host of its best promotions in the next section and offers. It's simply our favorite and largest online poker platform for all the right reasons.

Baazi Rewards: The Game Changer in Indian Online Gaming Space

The Poker evolution phase is on a rapid rise and the numerous promotions available over the Internet have become a platform to upgrade your gaming skills each day. The highly-rewarding aspect of this game is an unmissable part too. Recently, PokerBaazi (PB) came up with its own class-leading system of Loyalty Rewards Program called the Baazi Rewards.

A brainchild of Baazi Networks Pvt. Ltd., it rewards passionate players like you for their love for the game. It means you can play more and win grand prizes with your passion for the game, even if you do not win every single match that you play. The key thing is to play with passion and to up your bar every single time. Who knows, you may end up winning a Jaguar supercar, a Las Vegas package, latest iPhone and popular tournament tickets some day!

Other Giveaways on PB

PB's forward stance is clearly evident its top daily tournaments that feature a guaranteed prize pool of INR 10LAC and above. This is how it can change your life overnight just by playing for a few hours with the right skills and who knows, you could even walk home as a winner!

It's Time to Play Poker in These AWESOME Tournaments

This game connects people from all walks of life. Should you be looking to play online in India, we have a quick list of some 'WOW' promotions running live daily as mentioned below:

The Bout 10LAC GTD happens every Monday and has a Buy-In of INR 4000.

The Endeavour 12LAC GTD is a Tuesday delight with a Buy-In as low as INR 3500.

The Vegas 10LAC GTD is your passport to have a 'win-win' Wednesday and comes with a Buy-In of INR 3000 ONLY.

The Summit 15LAC GTD is a Thursday showstopper and has a Buy-In of INR 7500.

Make your weekend a 'YAY' one with the FriYAY 10LAC GTD and you need to invest a Buy-In of INR 3000 only.

The Saturday sizzler Value Town 10LAC GTD takes off with a Buy-In of INR 1000.

Top your weekend with the Baazi Super Sundays 35LAC GTD scheduled for every Sunday. You can enjoy this game by matching its Buy-In of INR 2500.
All these exciting promotions were set abuzz just when the New Year'19 began and are a part of the 'NitroJan' on PB (1st-31st January 2019). The chase to BIG wins has already begun this year and we recommend you to fasten your belts to win your way to the top.

Play Poker: Get in the act now!

We believe that the history of poker has pumped you enough to get started with this game. This is your time to play poker and raise the bar of your gaming skills on India's most trusted online poker website and get rewarded in hefty terms. This card game is home to several core concepts of Mathematical, Psychological Risk Management domains, and thus its skill-based side is just the thing to count on. Remember, with hard work and patience, you can even scale the top in a due course of time. History has shown it in ample examples and it's time you make a bit of your own history too.

You only have to make a decision to try!

This article takes you into the thousand-year-old history of poker regarding its evolution and all the subsequent changes. Designed to serve both card players and history buffs in equal measures, this article offers immense help to know how people used to play poker in its earliest days!
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